Discovery Channel Reveals How To Survive Jet Crash

Discovery Channel embarks on a series of unusual experiments as they prepare to broadcast a new series of “Curiosity” documentaries. The network is ready to reveal the best method to survive a jet crash after performing a scientific experiment on a Boeing 727 plane.

A team from Discovery Channel went to the Mexican desert to orchestrate the crash of a Boeing 727 plane to determine the best position that passengers must assume in order to survive. The detailed presentation of the experiment will be introduced in an unprecedented documentary that will be broadcast on Discovery Channel, Channel 4 in UK and Pro Sieben in Germany.

The plane was carefully prepared for the experiment, so scientists could gather the data they were interested in. As a result, the plane was packed with crash test dummies in lieu of real passengers and numerous cameras were installed inside the plane, on the ground, in chase planes and even on the ejecting pilot’s helmet. The 170 passengers of the experiment were evacuated just minutes before the collision and everything went according to the plan.

The data recorded by the cameras will be carefully analyzed by an international team of experts to establish whether the airframe of the aircraft can survive a powerful impact and what effects does the crash have on the human body. Scientists estimate that the “black box” technology will be improved with the help of the new findings and, hopefully, passengers’ survivability will be increased.

Discovery Channel selected a remote area in the Sonoran Desert of Baja California, Mexico for the project. The region was subject to a thorough analysis because researchers wanted to make sure the location was unpopulated and that it offered the best conditions for the experiment. The Mexican military and police forces collaborated with the team of researchers to make sure the experiment was safe.

The documentary is the premiere episode that Discovery Channel has selected for its new “Curiosity” series which will be broadcast starting this fall. There are many questions that scientists set about to answer in the new series, including what would happen if humans lived forever, why is sex fun and what happens to our bodies when we consume drugs. 

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