Discovery Channel Cancels “Dirty Jobs”

The Inqusitr reports that Discovery Channel has decided to cancel one of its most popular shows “Dirty Jobs”. The show, which lasted for 10 years and 171 episodes, entered a new phase that producers described as “permanent hiatus”.

Without providing any explanation for their decision, Discovery Channel announced their viewers that the show “Dirty Jobs” will come to an end. Mike Rowe, the creator and host of the show, confirmed the news on Wednesday through a press release published on his personal website.

“Dirty Jobs” first aired on Discovery Channel in 2003. Since then, we have seen Mike Rowe putting on various uniforms and performing some of the most disgusting activities in America. The TV show host has seen them all from castrating sheep, to farming maggots and cleaning roadkill, but he enjoyed every single moment of his job.

Rowe was deeply saddened by the news that his show got cancelled. He further confessed that he cannot imagine a world which does not involve exploding toilets, dealing with venomous snakes and cleaning feces from various animal species. He thanked his team acknowledging that the program wouldn’t have had the same success if it hadn’t been for those who accompanied him in his dirty missions.

“Dirty Jobs” was also removed from Discovery Channel’s TV schedule several years ago, but Mike reassured viewers that the show will be back on the small screen. The broadcast returned for several more seasons until its official cancellation was decided a couple of months ago.

Neither Discovery, nor Mike Rowe made any explanations in relation to the network’s decision to abandon the project. We can only assume that the format of the broadcast was too obsolete for viewers’ preferences, but the creator of the show didn’t seem to be bothered by this fact. He told fans that he takes great pride in the fact that “Dirty Jobs” managed to stay the same until the very end because the team never wanted to become something they never were. “We never shared the sewer with Paris Hilton, and we never invited you to ‘tune in next week for a very special Dirty Jobs’,” he concluded.

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