DirecTV and Viacom Reach Settlement

A recent report published by the Associated Press reads that DirecTV and Viacom have finally reached a settlement in the dispute that prevented people from watching their favorite channels. DirecTV subscribers will, thus, be able to watch Sponge Bob, SquarePants and many other shows provided by Viacom.

Viacom and the satellite service provider, DirecTV Inc. have put an end to a long dispute that was preventing subscribers from getting access to some of their shows and channels. The conflict started because Viacom requested a bigger fee in exchange of the channels that DirecTV was supposed to carry and the latter did not conform to their requests.

On July 10, Viacom prohibited DirecTV to use 17 of its channels until a settlement was reached. The two companies have solved the problem on Friday, but the terms of the agreement were not disclosed.

More than 20 million DirecTV subscribers have been affected by the dispute between the two companies. The Friday announcement was very good for them considering that they could not watch some of their favorite channels, such as, MTV, Comedy Central and Nickelodeon. In addition, Viacom shut off access to the full-length episodes that subscribers could see on the websites of the aforementioned channels. They did so because DirecTV had directed subscribers to these websites so they could watch Viacom’s shows for free. Thus, the dispute affected many people including those who had no connection with the conflict.

Last Tuesday, Viacom decided to allow people to access the last episodes of “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart” and “The Colbert Report” by easing their website’s restrictions. Despite this, people were still mad on Viacom, so the two companies have reached a settlement on Friday. Based on the provisions of the new contract, DirecTV subscribers will have the possibility to watch the show on mobile devices, as well, such as, tablets and laptops. This service is available thanks to DirecTV’s platform called Everywhere.

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