Digital games market assessed to $53B by 2016

In the next five years, the digital games market value could exceed $50B, according to the research firm Ovum. The study considers as digital games any online games played on PC, tablet, smart phone or console and expects their market value to double in the next five years.

Furthermore, the same firm predicts that only the market for games played on mobiles will triple in the same period, adding up to $17.5 billion.

The main reason for this growth is determined by the continuous addition of casual gamers which shifts the market from only targeting teen male hardcore gamers. Mark Little, analyst for Ovum, considers that “gaming is fast establishing itself with a much wider mainstream audience, with serious ramifications for other rich-media entertainment such as TV, video and music”.

“Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3” was lunched this week at the aid of a movie based promotional campaign and resulted in gamers over flooding the battlefield in order to take on the new virtual content. Enthusiasts are expected to pay extra for the premium package which offers additional services and advantages.

Currently, gaming companies use strategies that turn simple game products in actual services. As such, games expend their life time exponentially, they can be patched continuously prolonging the product life  at the aid of downloadable content that keeps the game fresh and current.

For gamers who prefer to use the mobile interface, developers offer free to play games, incentives, upgrades and new levels additions for premium products. This strategy is made possible my smart phones customers who use their phones as entertainment platforms.

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