Dieting During Pregnancy More Beneficial Than Exercise

Over the past few years the myth that during pregnancy eating for two is healthy has been put under scrutiny. The way people abuse of food under the pretext of pregnancy puts both the mom and the baby at risk. A new study shows that dieting during pregnancy is more beneficial than the exercise.

Nowadays it’s ever more complicated to be sure you and your baby are healthy and safe from risks during pregnancy. Despite all the technological improvements and the medical breakthroughs, moms still remain vulnerable to a huge list of risks. One of them was how they eat during the pregnancy.

A new study comes to defy what many moms were told it’s ok. The myth of eating for two is defied by an UK study that says dieting during pregnancy is more beneficial than exercise. Not only will the diet keep your weight under control but it will also reduce the risk of complications down the line. So ladies think twice when you’re craving for some cake, salty chips or high fat content food.

Researchers with the Queen Mary University in London say that many moms face a high risk of obesity while babies are more vulnerable to diabetes and child obesity. The conclusions are based on the investigation of 44 studies and the diets of about 7,000 women.

Lead researcher Dr. Shakila Thangaratinam said: “We are seeing more and more women who gain excess weight when they are pregnant and we know these women and their babies are at increased risk of complications”.

Dr. Shakila Thangaratinam also explained that many women are worried that dieting during pregnancy is not safe for the health of the baby, but the study “is reassuring because it showed that dieting is safe and that the baby’s weight isn’t affected”.

But be careful not to be too demanding with your diet. The researchers advise for a diet that aims to limit the amount of calories in meals. Whole grains, vegetables, fruits and pulses are highly recommended.

Although the study clearly indicated that dieting during pregnancy is more beneficial than exercise, researchers still don’t know exactly why. Dr. Shakila Thangaratinam believes it is because it’s “simpler and easier for women to stick to. It may also be that eating a high-fibre diet has other positive health effects for a pregnant woman”.

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