Did Ryan Seacrest Propose To Julianne Hough On American Idol?

Viewers who watched the Wednesday’s edition of the “American Idol” had the chance to enjoy one of the funniest moments between Ryan Seacrest and his girlfriend of one year, Julianne Hough. The host pretended to propose to Hough, but instead of a ring, he pulled out a note from his pocket, says Us Weekly.

Ryan Seacrest made new female victims with the joke he prepared for his girlfriend, Julianne Hough. While he was talking to her on Wednesday’s edition of the “American Idol”, Seacrest interrupted Hough to tell her that there was a question he was meaning to ask her for a while. Hough was partially curious to find out his boyfriend’s question, partially afraid that he might be too indiscrete. When Seacrest took his hand to the inside pocket, Julianne and the rest of the people in the audience gushed of surprise.

Moments later, the TV host pulled out a white piece of paper from the pocket. He asked Julianne if she could take the note to Tom Cruise because he is a huge fan of the actor. As everyone in the room burst into laughter, including his girlfriend, Ryan continued his eulogy of Tom Cruise saying that he was very impressed by his acting skills in “Cocktail”.

Judging by the smile on her face, we take it that Julianne Hough liked Seacrest’s joke very much. She even came up with a good reply letting people understand that the whole scene was prepared in advance by the two. She pretended to be surprised and asked the “American Idol” presenter if it was the same note the two had written the night before.

Julianne’s answer took Ryan by surprise, but he, nevertheless, continued the joke. He acted upset as he grabbed the microphone from his girlfriend’s hands and told her “Get outta here!”

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