Did Rod Stewart Put Cocaine Up His Butt?

That’s a question I never thought I’d want an answer for, but Rod Stewart insisted on sharing the details of his tumultuous life in his new book, “Rod: The Autobiography”. The “Rhythm Of My Heart” interpreter talks for the first time about his relationships with women, drugs and rock’n’roll, according to Access Hollywood.

Like most aged interpreters, who were long forgotten by their now senile fans, Rod Stewart decided to make a last attempt at restoring his financial condition by publishing a new book “Rod: The Autobiography”. Details about his affairs with much younger women, as well as drugs-related stories have all been introduced to make the book more interesting and, hopefully, get a few people to actually buy it.

I may be wrong, but I specifically remember Rod Stewart coming out of the closet at some point in his lifetime, even though he had been married to six women and had eight children. The British singer seems to have forgotten the homosexual rumors as most of the stories included in the autobiography illustrate his past relationships with women. Stewart claims he has slept with 50 or 60 women, but he was only in love with his sixth wife, Rachel Hunter. The latter was only 21 years old, so the singer doesn’t blame her for leaving him, who was 45 at that time.

The British interpreter revealed he and his band mates used to take a lot of drugs in the 80s. They even resorted to an odd manner of consuming drugs when they found out their colleague, Ron Wood, burned a hole through his nasal septum from cocaine use. Probably thinking it would be safer this way, Rod and his friends made cocaine suppositories and inserted them in their butts. No, we do not know whether it was each other’s butts. Nor, do we want to know.

Another eyebrow raising story is related to the affectionate relationship that bounded Rod Stewart and Elton John for a long period of time. The two used to spend a lot of time together and even exchanged gifts during one Christmas party. Rod recalled that he was embarrassed when Elton bought him a $10,000 Rembrandt painting, whereas his gift was only $300. It was an alcohol dispensing fridge, in case you were thinking something else.

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