Did Rob Kardashian And Rita Ora Separate?

Rob Kardashian has finally broken loose of his sisters’ apron strings and created his own scandal. The reality TV star has been in the spotlight after publicly offending his girlfriend Rita Ora on his Twitter account, the Inquisitr reports.

Although they never talked openly about their relationship, Rob Kardashian and Rita Ora seem to have been romantically involved, after all. The rumor was unfortunately confirmed when Rob began his rant against Rita on Monday evening.

The reality TV star accused the British singer of cheating him on numerous occasions. He told his Twitter followers that Rita was romantically involved with 20 men while they were together without providing any evidence in support of his accusations. He concluded by asking himself how many men will the British songwriter be with now that the two have parted ways.

Khloè Kardashian, who has always provided support to her family in dire straits, was among the first to comfort her little brother. She wrote on Rob’s account telling him that “cheaters never prosper” and reassured him that she will get back home the same day. In the end, she encouraged him to smile.

In spite of the support he got from his elder sister, Rob thought that it would be best for him to delete the negative comments he made in relation to Rita Ora. The tweets were no longer available on the Internet the following day, but Rita’s reputation had already been damaged. News outlets have already shared Rob’s tweets, so everyone believes Rita was responsible for their separation. Moreover, some Twitter users have adopted the nickname Rita Whora to refer to Rob’s former girlfriend.

Sources claim the two celebrities started seeing each other a long time ago, They didn’t want to deal with media’s attention, so they refused to make their relationship public until a few months ago. It is very unlikely that Rob and Rita will ever get back together, especially since they have offended each other so badly.

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