Did Heidi Klum Cheat On Seal?

“Kiss From A Rose” singer Seal made a blunder during one of his latest interviews causing tabloids to wonder whether Heidi Klum cheated on her husband or not. The explanation was provided by the singer’s rep who released an interview for Us Weekly, on September 2.

After a long silence and absence from the press, Seal has agreed to speak with reporters at TMZ last week. The singer was asked whether he was disturbed by the recent photos of his wife and his kids vacationing in Sardinia with their bodyguard of four years, Kristen. Seal stated back then that he expected his wife to have the decency to wait until the divorce was entirely over before deciding “to fornicate with the help”. He concluded by stating that the press has final received an answer for the question that probably tormented them in the past seven months. 

Heidi Klum’s rep immediately released a statement in response to Seal’s accusations. The spokesperson told the press that they were all saddened to see that the singer is using such lame tactics to turn the media against his ex-wife and the mother of her children.

The rumor that Heidi Klum might have cheated on Seal was denied the following day by Seal’s rep. He explained that the singer’s declaration was misconstrued. Seal didn’t mean to say that his wife had been cheating on him, but that the two are still legally married. In the end, the rep excused the interpreter by saying that he was tired and reporters were stressing him with too many questions.

The rep’s declaration, however, didn’t cool the spirits down. On the contrary, there are voices claiming that the singer has no right to criticize his ex-wife for getting involved in a new relationship considering that he was frequently seen on a date with model Delta Goodrem. The two made their first public appearance in April, two months after the divorce papers were filed.

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