Did Bruce Willis Donate Idaho Ski Resort To Non-Profit Organization?

A true admirer of noble causes, Bruce Willis decided to donate his ski resort in Idaho to a non-profit organization called Soldier Mountain Sky Area, Inc. His charitable act is meant to help the organization promote and develop ski activities in the region.

Bruce Willis uses every source he has to fight evil in the world. While his onset arsenal consists of a wide variety of guns and fight moves, in real life the 57-year-old actor prefers to make use of more peaceful means. Making donations to non-profit organizations and getting involved in noble causes are the two methods that Willis has used so far in order to make the world a better place.

In the past, the “The Expendables 2” star bought no more and no less than 12,000 Girl Scout cookies from his daughter and shipped them all to soldiers in Afghanistan. The actor wanted to raise awareness over the efforts that soldiers are making to help build democracies in formerly totalitarian countries.

Willis is no stranger to military causes as his father had served in WWII. This time, however, he has chosen to make a donation to a non-profit organization because he was impressed by ski practitioners’ dedication to the development of this sport. He told the press that he is very pleased with the people that will be in charge of Soldier Mountain Ski Area’s management. Soldier Mountain founder Bob Frostenson’s grandson is one of the members of the board, so Willis thinks the organization is in good hands.

After signing the papers for his donation, the actor explained his decision to give up the expensive real estate by stating that he wants to contribute to the future of ski. He concluded his statement by wishing people at Soldier Mountain Ski Area all the best.

The Idaho property belonged to Bruce Willis since 1990 and it was estimated at around $4 million. The lakefront residence stretches on 1,150 skiable acres and offers some of the most beautiful views in the summer.


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