DeVon Franklin And Meagan Good Tied The Knot

These days, a man like DeVon Franklin is any girl’s dream boy. Meagan Good is the lucky woman that sealed the deal. People writes that DeVon Franklin and Meagon Good tied the knot this weekend.

Their romance looks a lot like a fairy tale, when the princess meets her prince and they know they were meant for each other. Now that doesn’t happen too often, particularly in the Hollywood hectic life. But DeVon Franklin, Columbia Pictures VP and actress Meagan Good are confident it was meant for them to fall in love.

Over the weekend, in Malibu, California, about 400 guests were celebrating with DeVon Franklin and Meagan Good as they tied the knot. The ceremony took place Saturday evening at the awe-inspiring Triunfo Creek Winery where the newlyweds seemed to be depicted from a fairy tale.

Good said it was an “enchanted and dreamy sunset ceremony” with a “very antique” look thanks to the purple roses and tulip flower decorations and the rustic Triunfo Creek Winery feeling.

Both of them looked stunning. The bride looked gorgeous in a custom R-Mine dress, purple train and Jason the Jeweler accessories. Good told People she wanted a “handsome” dress with “a bit of a masculine feel to it” rather than the common girly theme gown. “I wanted something that felt a tad bit rebellious and out of the ordinary. That felt closer to my personality” confessed the actress.

The newlyweds say they’ll keep their honeymoon short for now. They are traveling to Big Sur for a mini honeymoon, given that Good’s schedule is pretty hectic with NBC’s “Infamous”. But they’ve got plans to travel some more, possibly around the holidays and they say traveling is going to help them “get to know each other as husband and wife”.

Not many couples get to keep the same romance-struck feelings after a six-year relationship. At Hollywood many couples don’t even make it after the first one or two years without getting married and getting divorced. But these two seemed to have found the secret to remaining in love even after all these years.

They’ve first met to talk about “Jumping the Broom”, a movie that was only a project at that time. They soon went on their first date. 

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  1. This article didn’t mention the fact that DeVon is a minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It’s important and helpful to know they both pledged a vow of celibacy until marriage and kept that vow (you can read the entire interview at christianpost.com). I pray that their marriage is established on the principles of Jesus Christ, and that they will honor and glorify God in every aspect of their marriage and lives. I pray that Meagan will not feel the need to put her body on display, for other men to see, and that she’ll adhere to the Word of God in presenting her body as God’s temple (I Corinthians 3:16; I Corn. 6:19) and remain comfortable in doing so for the rest of her life. I pray that DeVon will love his wife as Christ loved the church, as the Bible admonishes, and that they’ll operate in the spirit of unity within their marriage, both now and for always. May their love for one another and the Lord Jesus Christ remain geunine, everlasting, and without compromise. God bless!

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