Devils’ Assistant Larry Robinson Hired By Sharks


Former Stanley Cup winner and technician for New Jersey Devils, Larry Robinson is a man with quite an impressive CV. His experience and reputation simply speaks for himself. But if with the Devils he was only a technician, the San Jose Sharks have decided to make something more of him. The Sharks announced they hired Devil’s assistant Larry Robinson.

Considering the Sharks’ awful last season, a new change had to take place and this change has the name of Larry Robinson written all over it. And the Sharks’ general manager Doug Wilson is very well aware of that. Former team mate and friend, Wilson said: “There’s nobody in this business that I respect more as a player, as a coach, or as a person than Larry. It’s an exciting day for our organization”.

Despite of the poor season the Sharks had, Robinson declared that he believes that they have potential and can go higher on the scoreboard. In fact, the man strongly believes there’s a shot they could even win the cup this year. Basically that’s one of the main reasons why he wants to get involved and help the Sharks.

“As a hockey player, you need somebody you can talk to about different things,” Robinson said. “Even if you’re the best player in the world, at some point you have been told you’re doing something wrong. My job is to make them not just good hockey players, but better hockey players” explained Larry Robinson.

For Robinson, moving to the San Jose Sharks is more than a chance to prove himself as one of the best men in NHL. Moving to Sharks’ hometown is a great opportunity for Robinson to spend some quality time with his children. Given that he’s not exactly taking the place of current coach Todd McLellan, Robinson is going to have just enough time to do that. 

Larry Robinson is more than just a great technician. Everybody in the sports world knows him as one of the best sportsman in NHL history. He won six Stanley Cups and another two Norris Trophies as a defenseman.  


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