Devices That Can Be Upgraded To iOS7

Apple has finally introduced the new iOS 7 during the Worldwide Developers Conference this week. The software will only be available for certain devices, so here is a list of the gadgets that can be upgraded to iOS 7 once the program is launched on the market, CNET News informs.

Just as analysts have predicted, the Worldwide Developers Conference has seen the launching of the much-awaited iOS 7 operating system from Apple. The enthusiasm of the novelty has dimmed analysts’ sight and prevented them from thinking about more practical aspects, such as, which devices will be able to take iOS 7 and which will not. Luckily, Apple has made repeated announcements, so reporters were able to enlist the gadgets that are compatible.

Since iOS 7 has been introduced to help the Cupertino manufacturer accommodate to the new tech trends on the market, the oldest devices launched by Apple cannot be upgraded to the new software. iPhone owners will be able to upgrade to the new program if they have the fourth generation model or later. iPhone 3, 3G and the first model will no longer get support from the manufacturer starting next year.

The iPod Touch is one of the most ‘discriminated’ models of Apple devices. The company announced that only the latest generation of the device may be upgraded, whereas the models that were launched before last year will stick to the iOS 6.

iPads, like iPhones, are some of the most popular products at present; therefore, Apple has enabled customers to upgrade all the models, except for the original iPad. Thus, the iPad Mini, the iPad 2 and the second and third generations of the device will be compatible with iOS 7.

Consumers should not get their hopes very high, however, as the company further revealed that slight modifications will be enacted from one device to another. Thus, several iOS 7 features that work on iPhone may not be available on iPad and iPod or the other way around.

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