Developers Talk About The New Super Mario Bros 2

If you think of yourself as a gamer, then it’s impossible not to have played at least one Super Mario game. With a new Super Mario Bros 2 trailer released, developers talk about concept, golden coins and new abilities for the virtual Italian plumber.

For the most part, Nintendo’s Super Mario looks like a game for kids. But take any adult gamer you want, hook him up with a Nintendo 3DS and one of the Super Mario games and you’ve got yourself a happy gamer. Nintendo released a trailer for the new Super Mario Bros 2 and developers are giving gamers a thrilling glimpse of the upcoming adventure.

There’s something about the Italian plumber’s adventure that simply mesmerizes players. And as the trailer for the new Super Mario Bros 2 shows, the upcoming adventure is going to be all the more exciting.

There seems to be an obsession with gold coins, which developers explain it all began with Super Mario 3D Land. Nintendo director Yusuke Amano said the “muttering about coins” “started early on in development when we were determining the structure little by little in order to make stages, and for some reason Nakago-san and Tezuka-san kept talking about coins”.

Ask any player and he’ll tell you collecting those shiny golden coins is fun. Yusuke Amano said the developers wanted to make sure the new Super Mario Bros 2 had a lot of that. “So we made it so that if you dash, coins come out like crazy” he explained.

And developers put together a brand new challenge for Super Mario fans: collect a million golden coins. It might sound like an “astounding” number and a goal just a bit “too insurmountable” but there are plenty of ways at hand to help you meet the goal. The new Super Mario Bros 2 brings Coin Rush mode, Street Pass features and co-op play.

By the way, Racoon Mario will be back and you’ve got a brand new magic mushroom to feed the Italian plumber. It will turn him into a super-sized monster, smashing through all sorts of obstacles and giving him access to unreachable areas. Super Mario’s mustache will run on water and he’ll be able to use enemies as trampolines to a whole new extent.

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