Detroit Stadium In The Spotlight After Bomb Hoax

The Detroit stadium was in the spotlight after a bomb hoax alerted police officers on Tuesday night. More than 40,000 supporters were present at the Detroit Tigers baseball game, unaware of the incumbent danger, says the Associated Press.

Police officers received an anonymous call on Tuesday evening saying that a bomb was placed at the Detroit stadium during the Tigers game. Authorities chose to search the stadium without evacuating it, so sport fans found out about the bomb hoax at the end of the competition. The event triggered many debates about authorities’ right to decide when to notify crowds about bomb threats.

Jason Miller, a suburban Detroit rabbi, was very upset that police officers did not say anything about the bomb threat. He kept thinking when he first heard the news that the bomb might have been real and supporters could have been killed.

Steve Layne of Layne Consultants International, has a different opinion. According to him, police officers can’t notify crowds about bomb threats every time they receive a phone call because most places would be empty. He further explained that evacuating a stadium is a rather complex process, so authorities have to make sure that the announcement is not a false alarm. “An evacuation in the middle of a ball game does cause some problems. You’re running the risk of causing injuries,” he concluded.

This is the third threat that authorities received in relation to a Detroit landmark this week. The most recent one was on Monday when someone claimed there was a bomb on the Ambassador Bridge linking Detroit with Windsor, Ontario, in Canada. On July 12, the Detroit Windsor international tunnel was closed after a similar call was made. No bomb was found, despite police’s efforts.

Miller, however, is not convinced that authorities did the right thing when they refused to notify supporters. He stated that the public had the right to know that they were in danger. The Detroit Police Department reassured everyone that the crowd would have been notified if an actual device had been found.

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