Desperate Housewives continues with season 8

For at least one season, Susan, Lynette, Bree and Gabrielle will continue their domestic dramas.

In 2010 Desperate Wives was the most watched comedy series. And it ranked on the third place as a bringer of benefits with 2.74 million U.S. $ per half hour. So is no surprise that the stories of Wisteria Lane go on for at least another season.

Teri Hatcher, Marcia Cross, Eva Longoria and Felicity Huffman have signed new contracts with ABC. The ladies were employed for the eighth season of the series, but with the signature they confirmed the option for the ninth season. This new contract brings to each a pretty increase of their salary from 275 000 to 325 000 dolars per episode.

ABC Entertainment President Paul Lee announced this move since January.The action takes place in an American suburb where the life of wealthy wives who live there is not always as happy as it seems. Life on Wisteria Lane of a normal group of wives take an unexpected turn when a good friend and neighbor named Mary Alice, commits suicide in a mysterious way. In first season is revealed the life of Mary Alice and the reasons that pushed her to take her life.

Now she can see everything that is happening in the lives of her friends and neighbors on Wisteria Lane and thus gives us another chance to see what actually happens behind the closed doors.

Bree is the classic woman, elegant and perfect housewife, which may seem cold, calculated and having a perfect family,but in reality she is very generous and she is trying very hard to save her marriage and to educate her unruly children.

Susan, freshly divorced, dreams to meet the ideal man and she uses charm, beauty and intelligence to conquer Mike, her sexy plumber. For this it does not stop at anything given, especially since her main rival, Eddie is a sexy blond woman.

Lynette, adherents of family life, is a powerful and ambitious woman who has a large family and trying to cope with domestic stock weights, while the beautiful Gabrielle, a former top model, is brilliant, compelling and leads a dissolute life, cheating her rich husband with an attractive and young gardener.

The series sparked a craze among women who have found intrigue and humor, sometimes black, and were recovered in the special characters that give the salt and pepper. Proof of succes that it registered during the six years of broadcasting, is the 38 awards including seven Emmys.

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