Design Chief Jony Ive Explains How Apple Names Products

What better way to teach youth about the fine art in Apple product that showing up on a kids’ show? Design Chief Jony Ive made an appearance last week on BBC’s Blue Peter to explain how Apple names its products to avoid preconceptions.

When Steve Jobs was handling the Apple kingdom there weren’t many things that escaped that world of magic into our mortal realm. But now Tim Cook is in charge and he has obviously decided in favor of a more transparent relationship towards customers. Recently, the company’s Design Chief Jony Ive appeared on a kids’ show and explained how Apple designs and names a product by using a lunchbox as an example.

“If we’re thinking of lunchbox, we’d be really careful about not having the word ‘box’ already give you [a] bunch of ideas that could be quite narrow” Jony Ive explained in the Blue Peter video. “You think of a box being a square, and like a cube. And so we’re quite careful with the words we use, because those can determine the path that you go down” the Apple Design Chief added of the company’s attempts to avoid confusion and preconceptions among consumers.

The part where Ive explains the process of naming products at Apple was found on the iPlayer stream of the Blue Peter episode he has made his appearance in. He also watched video presentations of the designs submitted by children and talked about the significant influence Blue Peter had on him growing up. Apple’s Design Chief also received a Blue Peter gold badge, an honor only the most influential personalities have received.

According to BBC, there are only 1,000 Blue Peter gold badges that have been awarded so far to the likes of Damian Hirst, The Queen of England, JK Rowling and now Jony Ive. He gave presenter Barney Harwood in return an aluminum custom-made large version of the Blue Peter gold badge of his own, which took 10 hours to make.

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