Deron Williams Accepts The Nets’ $98 Million Deal

The Associated Press reports that Deron Williams has agreed to work with the Nets in exchange of a $98 million contract. The basketball player was supposed to go back home to Dallas, but he decided to join the New York team, instead.

After careful analyses and consideration, Deron Williams has come to the conclusion that the Nets’ offer is not as bad as it may seem. As a consequence, the All-Star point guard announced on Tuesday that he will go to New York to play for the Nets. He wrote in a Twitter post that the decision he made was very difficult. Although he didn’t provide other details, the Nets picture he posted together with the message was more than clarifying. Fans understood that Williams was going to join the team in its move from New Jersey to New York.

Sources, who have confirmed that Deron signed a five-year contract with the Nets, also stated that the basketball player will receive $98 million. The team and the player didn’t release any statement until now because the contract can’t be signed before July 11.

The Nets were not the only ones who made offers to the point guard. He was also contacted by the Mavericks, who were hoping that Williams would choose them because their headquarters is in Dallas, the area where Deron grew up.

According to insiders, the Nets were very pleased to see that Williams accepted their offer. They gave up Derrick Favors and point guard Devin Harris in a February 2011 exchange because they desperately wanted to get Deron on their side. The team has many more reasons to celebrate as Williams announced that he will stick with them for five more years. Thus, the Nets will draw the attention of supporters to the New York move thanks to the franchise player.

Deron Williams will leave town on Thursday to take part at the Las Vegas training camp where he will meet with the rest of the U.S. men’s basketball team. Since he didn’t have too much time to ponder over his decision, he met both the two teams on Monday and posted the Twitter message on early Tuesday.

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