Derek Hough Wants to Date Jennifer Lopez

Famous singer Jennifer Lopez has been in the spotlight for months. A series of rumors and speculation was linked to her personal life and now it seems that new rumors are on. After being claimed for weeks that the famous star is dating rapper Drake, now it has been revealed that Derek Hough has a crush on the singer and would love to date her.

The news was reported by Hollywood Life, which claimed that Jennifer and Derek are getting close. The report revealed that J Lo and her co-star on NBC’s World of Dance could start dating very soon, as Jennifer likes him and he is “totally crushing on her.” The report indicated that Derek is so much into the singer that he would actually “kill for a chance to date her.”

Maybe, the two will soon be spotted together. “Jennifer has a history of falling in love with guys she’s working with and people have already started putting her and Derek together because they do have chemistry,” a source revealed. “That’s why she picked him for her show, she clicked with him,” the same insider explained.

The source claimed that Derek is not afraid to separate Jennifer from Drake, and actually he would “love to swoop” in and take the star away. The insider also claimed that Derek is determined to wait until things will end between Jennifer and Drake for a chance to be with her. Derek and Jennifer have a professional relationship now, but he surely hopes that this relationship will “become more romantic.”

Derek and Jennifer Lopez have not directly talked about these rumors, but it has been reported that a representative for Derek dismissed these claims. Gossip Cop said that it talked to the star’s rep, who revealed that there was no truth in the report and Derek and Jennifer are not planning on dating.

The rep also claimed that Derek would not “kill” to date the famous singer and the whole report was false. Without a doubt, this does not mean that the rumors will stop. Derek and Jennifer will surely be seen together on various occasions because they are working together.

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