Denver To Face Major Snow Storm

This cold season’s weather was sprinkled with snow blizzards that left people wondering what’s next. As the National Weather Service announced bad weather conditions along the Interstate 25 corridor, Denver is getting ready to face a major snow storm.

Scott Entrekin, National Weather Service meteorologist, said: “The duration is really thing. It’s just going to snow for a long time and how long it snows will determine how much areas will get”.

Chad Gimmestad, also meteorologist with the National Weather Service, explained: “We’re looking at 36 hours of snow, maybe a little more than that”.

The National Weather Service issued a winter storm warning that started yesterday and is expected to continue until early Saturday. There are several areas throughout Denver that are under blizzard warnings, with snowfall rates expected to be up to 2 inches per hour. Eastern Plains north of Ordway, eastern Adams and Arapahoe counties as well as Palmer Divide are under blizzard warning.

The temperatures are expected to remain into the 30’s and winds will be gusting 40 mph or even higher. Thus resulting in almost zero visibility and authorities advise to avoid travel on snowed roads.

In preparing for one of the biggest snow storms of the cold season, airlines at the Denver International Airport (DIA) have decided to cancel more than 180 flights on Thursday, first day the warning was issued.

As the bad weather develops throughout Colorado, planes will remain bound. DIA spokeswoman Jenny Schiavone said that passengers should expect additional cancellations and long delays. She said people with travel plans should check the airport’s website for more information.

Friday a number of school districts in the Denver Metro area have announced they have canceled classes. Denver Public Schools, Jefferson County Public Schools and Douglas County Schools are among the schools districts closed for the day.

The Colorado Department of Transportation asked people to stay home and avoid making any trips in the snow at least until the plows to their work.

Washington Post writes that this snow “storm could break into the top 10 list of the heaviest snowstorms in Denver history”. As Gimmestad pointed out the Denver record for snow is 45.7 inches from a 5 day blizzard in 1913.

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