Denver Nuggets’ Chris Andersen Investigated For Internet Crimes Against Children

Based on a recent report published by Huffington Post, Denver Nuggets’ Chris Andersen is investigated for committing Internet crimes against children. The basketball player was excused from all team related activities until the investigation is over.

Chris Andersen’s house was investigated on Thursday night after police officers found out that he might be involved in various Internet activities related to child pornography and Internet luring. As soon as the general manager Masai Ujiri has heard the news, he announced that Andersen will no longer take part in any sports activities on an indefinite period of time.

The announcement of the team was made before the Nuggets’ game against the Los Angeles Lakers. This was their sixth match in the playoff series, but they hope Andersen’s absence will not affect their results. Spokespersons declined to make any further comments on the subject; they just concluded that the reserve center will not be able to play “as he deals with the reported investigation”.

Ron Hanavan, the Douglas County Sheriff’s spokesman, told the press that Andersen’s house was, indeed, searched. He, nevertheless, reassured everyone that the basketball player hasn’t been arrested and that no arrest warrant has been released on his name for the moment.

Nobody ever suspected Andersen could be involved in Internet crimes against children. Despite this, police officers claim he has been in their attention for a lot of time. The department started investigating him in February after a law enforcement agency in California requested them to do so. Hanavan, however, did not want to provide other information because the department has sealed the case.

Another spokesperson provided details about the moment of the search. According to Deborah Sherman, the basketball player was at home; in fact, he immediately opened the door as soon as the deputies told him to. Investigators admitted that Chris Andersen was very cooperative throughout the entire search.

Nuggets’ manager, George Karl stated that he was advised not to talk with reporters about the case. He only spoke with the media to tell them that he supports Andersen because he has been a very good player ever since he started working with him.

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