Dennis Rodman Could Face Jail Over Child And Spousal Support

Dennis Rodman is famous for his flamboyant style, but the former basketball player could actually go to jail because he fails to offer child and spousal support. According to LA Times, Rodman has to pay his wife $860,376 by May 29. If he fails to fulfill this request, the basketball player will most likely receive a 20-day sentence.

Dennis Rodman was never considered one of the best basketball players because his results on the field were rather modest. However, he managed to draw everyone’s attention due to his unusual behavior and that was what turned him into a star. Rodman dyed his hair in neon colors and pierced great part of his body in order to stand out from the rest of the basketball players. As if this was not enough, the retired Hall of Famer dated some of the hottest women in Hollywood including Carmen Electra.

The popularity has long gone leaving behind a divorced, broke and alcoholic Dennis Rodman who faces charges for not being able to pay his child and spousal support. Even though Rodman’s fortune was estimated around $3.4 million in property and $1.45 million in stocks and bonds, his lawyer declared that the former star can’t pay his debts. The legal representative further added that Rodman has spent great part of his money on alcohol and he can’t go to work because of his dependence.

Dennis Rodman and his third wife were married for many years until she filed for divorce in 2004. They both tried to overcome their problems for the sake of their child, but several years later the divorce was pronounced. His financial advisor thinks the separation worsened Dennis’ financial situation, which is why he is now on the verge of getting broke.

Orange County judges were not impressed by Dennis Rodman’s problems and they are determined to send him to jail if he refuses to pay $860,376 to his wife by May 29. There is, however, an alternative: the Hall of Famer could get community service time instead of jail.

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