Denise Richards takes her daughters to the game

On Saturday, actress Denise Richards took her three girls to the game. Richards’ oldest daughter had a soccer game that day. For the special event, her mom brought to the field both her sisters, 6 years old Lola and baby Eloise.

7 years old Sam was touched and pleasantly surprised to have such a cute spectator to her game as her 4 months old little baby sister is.

Denise adopted her youngest daughter in June on her own. Her other two children are a result of the previous marriage with Charlie Sheen, when both Lola and Sam were born. This game was an exception for Sheen, since he couldn’t make it to the field. Yet, he attended the game last week.

The actress wore a casual outfit for the game, strapless dress and sun glasses, and set up a small camp on the sidelines of the field. She fed her baby girl, kissed and hugged Lola and played the water girl for her soccer star.

In July, Denise set down with reporters from Us Weekly and went through the details of the adoption process. “Some people think if a celebrity wants a baby, they get one the next day,” she said. Yet, in her case at least, the adoption took over two years, during which she came close to getting a baby several times only to find herself disappointed again and again. Even though the turns and twists of the past two years were discouraging at times, Richards was confident that at the right moment the perfect baby for her and her other daughters will find its way to them.

The actress stared in movies like: “Cougars, Inc.”, “Deep in the Valley”, “Finding Bliss”, “Blonde and Blonder”, “Scary Movie 3”, “Love Actually” and TV series such as: “Blue Mountain State”, “Two and a Half Men”, “Secrets of a Small Town”, “Sex, Love & Secrets”, “Spin City”.

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