Denise Richards Shares Picture with Charlie Sheen

Despite all the allegations and the scandals that have described Charlie Sheen’s relationship with Denise Richards, it seems that the two somehow manage to stay friends or at least behave as a family. Denise decided to share what can be described as a rare family photo with her former husband, Charlie Sheen. 

In the pic, which was shared on Instagram, Denise can be seen in the company of her daughters Lola, who is 11 years old, Sam, who is 12, and also Eloise, who is 5 years old and is Denise’s daughter. Denise also shared a beautiful message revealing that family is what matters most. “We’ve had a colorful year,” the star said. “At the end of the day we’re still a family … @charliesheen #familydinner,” the post added. 

Without a doubt, it is safe to say that Denise and Charlie have had their fair share of troubles. The two actors were married for about three years before Denise filed for divorce back in 2005. The divorce was finalized in 2006 and since they have had their ups and downs. So, there were some accusations launched by the two against each other, but there were also moments when they seemed to be getting along just fine. 

The latest issue that emerged between the two dates back to January 2016, when Denise filed a lawsuit against her former husband and the father of her daughters. The lawsuit was filed only a couple of months after Charlie Sheen went public with his HIV diagnosis. So, the reason why Denise sued Sheen was actually linked to the fact that he allegedly failed to provide all the financial support he promised he would give his children. 

It has previously been revealed that the HIV-positive diagnosis has not been a shock for Denise Richards, who has known for years that Sheen was dealing with this problem. He was reportedly infected after he and Denise separated. Denise also sued Sheen for allegedly evicting her and the children from their home and sending her some threatening text messages. It seems that the two managed to solve these issues and are now on good terms. 

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