Denise Richards Says Charlie Sheen Threatened to Kill Her

Denise Richards made quite a shocking statement about her former husband, Charlie Sheen. The actress claimed that Sheen actually threatened to kill her and their daughters.

The fact that Sheen had been dealing with some serious issues is not something unknown. However, the actor was known to have remained in fairly good terms with his former wife, Denise. 

Now, it seems that things have not actually been that great between the two. TMZ reported that the former Two and a Half Men actor actually kicked Denise and his daughters out of their home.

The celebrity site also claimed that the actress had filed a petition with a judge to determine Sheen to pay $1.2 million for the purchase of a new home. 

Denise’s court documents indicated that she and her children moved next to Charlie’s home in a property he had purchased. The actress said that Charlie promised he would provide her and the children a home, but all of a sudden he decided to evict them, without providing new accommodation. Denise went on to say in the court documents that Sheen acted really bizarre with the children. The star revealed that he even insulted the kids. 

“I’m going to kill you and I’m going to kill your mom,” Denise said Charlie had yelled to the children. He also is said to have called his daughter a “f***ing pig whore.” This is actually not the first time when it has been claimed that Charlie had insulted his children. He was also said to have sent his daughter back in 2013 a text message saying that Denise was a “loser f***s**t mom … your dad is a rock star genius … your mom is a puss wart.”

Charlie Sheen denied Denise’s claims through his lawyer. The lawyer stated that the actress was just trying to obtain some money from Charlie. “In addition to what Charlie has been paying Denise, he also pays for school, all expenses and it’s still not enough for her. He intends to fight this and believes he will prevail,” Sheen’s lawyer said.

On the other hand, a rep for Denise claimed that the actress wanted Sheen to provide for his children, as he said he would. 

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