Demi Moore Returns To Twitter

After three months of absence, Demi Moore returned to Twitter and posted a picture of herself on Tuesday. The actress continues to use the same handle she used to have while she was still married, that is, @mrskutcher, giving badmouths the opportunity to suggest that she may still be in love with her ex.

Looks like Demi Moore’s holiday is over as the actress posted her first picture on her Twitter account after a period of silence. The last time we heard about Moore she was hospitalized because she lost too much weight and needed specialized care. In addition, the actress consumed a substance “similar to incense” shortly after the divorce was pronounced and was found “convulsing” in her home.

Moore made no mention about these past episodes; she only added a photo of herself lying in the bed accompanied by the caption “Testing…” It would have been a pity for the actress to give up her social media activity because of the sad events that occurred in her life. Her Twitter account was actually followed by 5 million people who were very glad to see that the actress is writing on her online page again. Some of them even greeted her and welcomed her back in the Twitterverse.

The fact that the actress was still using her married name @mrskutcher led to various speculations in the press. However, the “G.I. Jane” star made a second post last night saying that it was time to make a change. Then, she asked her followers to suggest new names for her Twitter profile, but no decision has been made so far.

Meanwhile, Ashton Kutcher is constantly in the public’s attention as he is often seen in the company of various beautiful women. He was first hooked up by the press with Rihanna, but the actor was recently seen on a date with his former colleague from “That 70s Show”, Mila Kunis and new rumors began. The representatives of the two actors told reporters that the two were not on an actual date; they were just having dinner as close friends.

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