Demi Moore Gets New Twitter Handle: @JustDemi

After almost six months from her separation, Demi Moore has finally decided to get a new Twitter handle. From now on, the actress will be using the @JustDemi handle instead of the @MrsKutcher she had been using until Wednesday, says US Weekly.

Her divorce from husband Ashton Kutcher came as no surprise considering that the actor was often seen in company of other women. Despite this, Demi Moore was incredibly hurt when the divorce papers were signed. The 49-year-old star needed a vacation to recuperate from the depression which pushed her towards the consumption of hallucinogenic substances.

In March, the actress decided to return to Twitter, so she posted a photo of herself lying in bed with the message “Testing…” She was immediately welcomed by fans and followers who asked her whether she intends to change her moniker or preserve the previous one, that is, @MrsKutcher. The actress replied at first that changing her handle was not her main priority, but promised to think about it.

Proving that she is good at interacting with her followers, Moore asked Twitter users to provide examples of monikers she should use. She received many suggestions, but she admitted that it was hard to find a name that was fun, catchy and, most importantly, available. In the end, she chose @JustDemi, which fulfilled all of the aforementioned conditions.

Demi was very delighted with the choice she has made. She wrote on her account that the name represents her in many ways, so it could grow on her. Later on, she thanked all her fans for helping her find a new Twitter nickname.

Fans were not the only ones who offered to help the actress. She also received suggestions from celebrities like Piers Morgan who advised Moore to change her moniker to @MrsMorgan. The “G.I. Jane” star replied that the handle is already taken indirectly rejecting the CNN host’s flirtatious remark.

Unlike Moore, who is now working to organize her life, Kutcher seems to find it hard to commit to one woman. The “Two And A Half Men” star was seen in the company of various women lately, including Rihanna, Mila Kunis and Lorene Scafaria.

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