Demi Lovato opens up about Joe Jonas and rehab

Former “Sonny With A Chance” star Demi Lovato opens up about her problems with violence, cutting herself, eating disorders and bipolar disorder in the latest issue of Elle Magazine. After getting out of rehab, she is now ready to talk openly about her problems and how her romantic relationship with Joe Jonas contributed to her fall.

Demi Lovato has been romantically linked to Joe Jonas until May 2010. A few months after, when Joe was already in another relationship, she attacked a member of the dance crew of the Jonas Brothers.  The incident led to committing her in a facility for rehab.  This was the last incident in her life, but not the first. Back in 2008, Demi appeared on the red carpet at Miley Cirus’s birthday party with noticeable signs on her wrists. The media speculated it was from self injuring, but her publicist at the time said that it was false and that the Disney star had those marks from some gummy bracelets.  Now, six months after leaving the rehab facility, Demi says that she was not ready to talk about her real problems at the time. “I don’t think I would have been ready to talk about [my problems] then, but I could’ve come up with something better than gummy bracelets”, she told the magazine and added that the publicist was fired soon after. “Needless to say, that publicist is no longer with us … I mean, she’s alive”.

When talking about the impact that the split from Joe Jonas had on her life, she says that it had little to do with her problems. “I wouldn’t credit my meltdown to a guy”, she says about her ex who was dating “Twilight” actress Ashley Greene at the time. “There was so much other stuff in my life.” But the actress-singer admits that they had no contact since she went into rehab.

Demi Lovato’s career is getting back on track. Her latest single, “Skyscraper”, a depiction of the troubled times she has had lately, already topped the iTunes chart.

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  1. I am so proud of Demi because she got the help she need and she knew she needed help. I am so ‘in awe,’ if that is the right word that she admitted she had problems. So many teens or young adults or even adults don’t admit their issues and pretend everything is fine. i have been a supporter of demi lovato since i saw her on camp rock. I understand why she didn’t talk about her problems.
    I wish i can thank her personally, but this is the best i can do. Thank u so much for showing all of your fans u are a real person and thank u for helping to shine a light on issues u have or had and it will help that one person that might be scared to talk about it.

    Oh…Happy Birthday, Demi!!! (it’s early, but I hope u get what u wish for)

  2. i hope you get better Demi Lavoto(: I’m like upir biggest fan(: I hope that every thing is going ok for u and your family && friends(: OKay well i would like to b your friend(; kk bye!!

  3. Demi you are the bomb, I give my support 100 percent, my little sister looks up to and your an awesome role model. Love love love your new single skyscraper, best video. congratulations girl, much love xoxo

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