Demi Lovato: “I Used To Do Drugs”

Demi Lovato released an interview for the April issue of Fabulous magazine and confessed that she used to do drugs for a brief period of time. The singer made an unexpected confession: it was promoters who gave her drugs so she would spend more time in their nightclubs.

The declaration that Demi Lovato made might have just opened a Pandora’s Box. The singer agreed to talk about her past problems, even though she was not very happy to do it. She explained that she was going through a depressive period and was easily tempted by all the favors that promoters made to her.

It is very hard for celebrities to cope with the pressure that is placed on them, especially if they are very young like Lovato. According to her, the most difficult part is to balance your personal life with your public image. She told the press that she felt really strange to be in front of 18,000 people and then, spend the rest of her time alone in a hotel room. This loneliness mixed with tiredness led her to an overwhelming depression that made her vulnerable to drugs.

The 19-year-old interpreter was also tempted by promoters to try various hallucinogenic substances. At first, she thought they were her friends, but then, realized they were actually using her to lure more customers to concerts and nightclubs. On the other hand, Lovato believes celebrities are guilty, too, because they never say ‘No’ to all the favors they get. Looking back at her ‘dark period’, the pop star thinks she might have ended up overdosing like many other celebrities.

When things started to get worse, the young singer went to a rehab facility where she was hospitalized for three months. There she learned to accept herself and she gradually overcame her bulimia, her depression and her drug addiction.

Although there are people who constantly criticize her, Demi Lovato is more confident because she understands that she doesn’t need to be perfect. Being a normal teenager would have been a lot easier for the sweet brunette, but she admits that she prefers to travel around the world and make albums instead of going to high school.

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