Demi Lovato Convinced Nick Jonas to Separate from Olivia Culpo

Demi Lovato apparently had a role in the separation of Nick Jonas and Olivia Culpo. According to a new interview, Demi was actually the one who convinced Nick to separate from Olivia just because she did not like her. 

So, during a joint interview with Billboard magazine, both Nick and Demi confessed that the beautiful singer is partly to blame for the end of Nick’s romance with Olivia. Nick claimed that Demi was one of the first people he talked to before making up his mind about ending things with his former girlfriend. And Demi actually told him to break up with Olivia and she even tried to convince him to do so. 

“I internalize things, so we have this rule that we never want to hear about it in a tweet or something. She’d read me the riot act, so she’s the third person I call – my dad, [brother Joe Jonas], then Demi. She was like, ‘Just go, – ­create and be free.’ She also said some other things..” Nick said during the interview.  

Demi also confirmed that she did not have good things to say about Olivia when Nick asked her advice. “I go, ‘Honestly, I didn’t like her anyway.’ It’s not because she’s mean or anything, but he has such a great sense of humor and I want him to be with someone that makes him laugh. I can tell if something’s up because he’ll close off,” Demi claimed. 

And that may not be all. Demi also revealed that this was not the first time when she has given advice to Nick on his relationships. The star claimed she told him to dump other former girlfriends, as well. “Listen, even when he was in a relationship, I was like, ‘Get out of that. You could f**k anybody that you want right now, so have fun and do that,'” Demi stated. 

If Demi advises Nick to stay single does not mean that she wants to be in a relationship. In fact, the star claimed that she just wants to be single right now. Demi said that she wants to have fun and dating is not on her mind.

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