Demi Lovato and Luke Rockhold Make their Relationship Official

Demi Lovato and Luke Rockhold have finally decided to admit the fact that they are dating. The new couple has shared a picture on social media to confirm the romance. The pic was shared by Demi on Instagram. 

So, Demi shared a black and white picture of herself and Luke, from their Saturday outing. “About last night…” Demi captioned the picture. And Richard also shared the same pic on his Instagram. The pair decided to share this picture and make their romance public only about a day after they were spotted together at the UFC 205 fight at Madison Square in New York City. 

Rumors on a potential romance between Demi and Luke first emerged a couple of months ago. Until that moment, Demi had been in a long term relationship with Wilmer Valderrama. The singer and the actor actually dated for no less than six years and ended their romance during the summer. The separation came as a shock for everyone, as the two always seemed to be much in love. Exactly what caused their split has not been revealed. 

Well, even before Demi shared this picture, the dating rumors were confirmed by the singer and Luke’s appearance at the UFC match. The two stars were seen holding hands and they also wore matching outfits, which surely added more to the claims that they were a couple. The couple was accompanied by Nick Jonas, who is known to be one of Demi’s closest friends. 

Actually, at one point rumors indicated that Nick Jonas was the reason why Demi ended her long term relationship to Wilmer. An In Touch report claimed that Wilmer was really jealous of Nick and of his relationship with Demi. The two were on tour together at that time and it seems that Wilmer did not really like this. 

“[Valderrama] told her he thought she was in love with Nick. They would scream at each other and it sounded like the house was going to fall down,” an insider said. The source also claimed that “Wilmer found texts from Demi begging Nick to talk to her and he blew up.”

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