Demi and Wilmer Reportedly Separated Because He Wasn’t Ready for Marriage

Demi Lovato and Wilmer Valderrama have been a beautiful couple for no less than six years. There is no wonder that everyone was shocked when finding out that the two decided to end things. Of course, the reason why the famous pair separated remained unknown, but now a new report seems to have revealed it. 

So, a report by OK! Magazine indicated that Demi was the one who left Wilmer, because he wasn’t ready to commit. An insider talking to the magazine said that Demi wanted to get married, but Wilmer was still not ready for this. 

“Demi wanted a ring, but Wilmer wasn’t ready to get married,” the insider explained. “She didn’t want to wait around anymore, so they decided to part ways.”

Demi and Wilmer revealed nothing. In fact, the pair only shared a joint statement to announce the end of their relationship. In their statement, the two said that they spend some “wonderful” years together and revealed that the reason why they ended things was actually linked to the fact that they realized that they were “better as best friends.” 

Well, the claims may not seem very much surprising, as Demi has never hidden the fact that she saw a future for herself with Wilmer. Furthermore, she expressed her desire to get engaged and eventually married to her boyfriend. Even earlier this year, Demi revealed that she would have wanted to receive an engagement ring from her boyfriend. 

“I wouldn’t mind if I saw one, but there’s time for everything. We’ve been together this long, and obviously I’m not going anywhere and vice versa,” the singer said during an earlier interview with Elle DeGeneres. At that time, Demi also denied the rumors saying that she and Wilmer were already engaged. 

However, as imagined, this is not the first rumor that has been on regarding the reason of Demi and Wilmer’s separation. Some insiders claimed that things ended because Wilmer was jealous that Demi was getting quite close to Nick Jonas. None of the rumors has been confirmed. 

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