Delmon Young Arrested For Anti-Semitic Behavior

TMZ reports that Delmon Young was arrested for anti-Semitic behavior on Friday night. The Major League Baseball player was staying at the Roosevelt Hotel in New York when he got into an altercation with two men, one of them wearing a yarmulke.

The personnel at the Roosevelt Hotel in New York City were witnesses to an unexpected episode of violence. The person responsible for the event was Major League Baseball player Delmon Young who showed up in the lobby intoxicated and was bothered by the presence of a panhandler wearing a yarmulke.

The panhandler approached the sports man, but the latter was not interesting in making any generous acts. In fact, Young started screaming “F*cking Jews!” as soon as he saw the kippah on the beggar’s head. Another man interfered in order to calm the two down, but Young became physically violent pushing the man to the ground.

Police officers were called by the hotel manager and Young was arrested on accounts of aggravated harassment, but things could go even worse. Investigators are considering another type of punishment for the baseball player; they think Young should be held accountable for hate crime given his behavior towards the Jewish panhandler.

People in the baseball industry were not very pleased by the recent news, either. Analysts think that the event might diminish the demand for Young on the free-agent market. Several teams have already stopped bidding for the 26-year-old player and if this tendency continues, Young’s value might decrease in the future.

Despite this, Ken Rosenthal of Fox Sports thinks it is too soon to make predictions about the future of the Tigers’ baseball player. In his opinion, analysts should wait for the outcome of the case and then, determine the free agent’s value. Once can never tell what course events might take in the end as there have been other baseball players who got second and third chances.

Young was confronted with a similar situation six years ago. Back then, he was suspended 50 games because he threw a bat that hit an umpire. Even so, he was always appreciated because he had good performances.

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