Defining Moments for Tim Cook: the Release of iPhone 6 and iWatch

It has been rumored for weeks that at the Apple event that is set to take place next week, the famous company will introduce the next generation iPhone, but will also present the world its iWatch. This is considered to be a defining and crucial moment in the history of Tim Cook as the CEO of the famous company. 

Tim Cook has been the CEO of Apple for no less than three years now. The naming of Cook in this position had drawn numerous debates, but the star has proved to have a lot of determination in this role. After three years, a defining moment has come for Tim Cook. If the reports are correct, Tim Cook and Apple will release two long awaited products, next week. 

So, it is claimed that Apple will finally unveil its iPhone 6, the latest generation Apple smartphone, but also the much expected iWatch. Apple is said to actually release two bigger versions of the iPhone, which will be an important move for the famous company. So, it is said that the tech giant will present a 4.7 inch iPhone 6, but also a 5.5 inch version of the new phone. 

What the new iPhone will bring in terms of new features is something yet to be found out, but Apple somehow manages to make a big release even when it does not show something too impressive compared with previous devices. Still, analysts say that Apple had a lot of interest in showing something unique now, as it needs to convince the public. 

The iPhone 6 is the most anticipated new product of the year and the release has to be great. However, the interest is not only focused on this new smartphone which is said to come with the sapphire display, but also on the iWatch. For months it has been rumored that Apple is working at the release of a smartwatch, but nothing has been revealed about what this device will feature. Naturally, this makes it an even more interesting release. 

Linked to the iWatch, there have been many rumors, too. So, there is just about one day left until we will discover the new release of Apple and what the famous company has prepared. 

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