De Santis dreams of a kiss from Marine Corps Ball date Justin Timberlake

Corporal Kelsey de Santis the only Justin Timberlake fan who managed to get a date with the music star and now she is dreaming of a perfect night, ending up with a kiss. When asked about her dream date on Saturday night, De Santis told Access Hollywood Live that she would like a kiss, but is certainly not going to force it.
We first started paying attention to this year’s Marine Corps Ball back in summer, when Sgt. Scott Moore uploaded a video on YouTube, asking actress Mila Kunis on a date to the ball. The video gained the attention of the media in a matter of hours and soon after, a series of other video invites flooded Hollywood. Among other celebrities who were invited to attend the ball as partners of the marines, there were Betty Davis, Scarlet Johansson, Emma Watson, Hayden Panettiere, Cameron Diaz, Jennifer Aniston, Jessica Biel, Miley Cyrus, Emma Stone, Taylor Swift, Oprah, Chris Evans, Mark Wahlberg, Woody Harrelson and more.

Kelsey De Santis has many surprises prepared for Justin, at the Ball. First of all, she tells Billy Bush and Kit Hoover from Access Hollywood Live that she can dance! “I don’t think he’ll be able to keep up with us”, she said, as not only she can party, but also has “multiple signature moves”, including one called “The Dougie”. Then, she confesses she is prepared for a kiss. Being single, the corporal expects some romantic moves from the pop star, but adds that a kiss will only happen if it feels right. “I guess that’s all up to JT and what his plans are”.

What do you think: will she get a kiss from JT. And if so, will they tell?

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