David Blaine Prepares New High Voltage Stunt

David Blaine is determined to leave people open-mouthed with the new high voltage stunt that he is currently preparing. For the show called “Electrified: One Million Volts Always On”, David will stay three days and nights in the middle of a million volts of electric current tied to Pier 54 on New York’s West Side.

David Blaine is getting ready to perform the biggest stunt of his career, “Electrified: One Million Volts Always On”. The American illusionist told the press that he will be spending the following days doing all sorts of relaxing activities, such as, meditation and sleep. Blaine confessed that he has been playing a lot with his 20-month-old daughter in the past days because he feels this is the most dangerous stunt he has performed so far.

Starting on Friday, David Blaine will be surrounded by a million volts crossed by electric currents for three days and three nights. The stunt will be performed at Pier 54 on New York’s West Side and it will be transmitted live on You Tube and other local channels. New Yorkers will be able to watch David perform his stunt; they can also send him messages, control the electricity around him and prevent him from falling asleep.

Special measures have been taken to enable the endurance artist to safely perform his stunt. He will be wearing a chainmail bodysuit as a barrier between him and the electric current. In addition the 39-year-old will protect his eyes and ears with special devices. While Blaine won’t be able to eat during the time spent in the middle of the volts, he will be connected to two tubes, one to keep him hydrated and another one to help him urinate. Since David will be fasting during the days before the stunt, there won’t be other bodily waste.

This is the most dangerous stunt that the endurance artist has performed, so far. In 2008, he spent 60 hours hanging without a net over New York’s Central Park. This time, however, safety is a bigger concern because David is a father.

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