David Beckham and Wife Victoria Beckham Share Skincare

The couple who moisturises together stays together! Victoria Beckham and David Beckham have already been a couple goal in our heads, but after finding out that the two have a common skincare routine we can affirm that our love for the Beckham and Beckham is now out of the ordinary.

In discussing her two-step skin care routine during an interview on Byrdie the 47-year-old fashion designer confessed that her husband is to steal her skincare products.

“I’ve observed a significant improvement in my skin since the time I’ve used both the products mentioned “she said. “As is my partner, we have shared skincareproducts, and David utilizes this product every day. We’ve been noticing that the pores’ sizes are less pronounced, and the eye lines appear less noticeable.”

Victoria’s Cell Rejuvenating Power Serum ($210) It was created by a genius skincare pioneer Augustinus Bader. The product is definitely an anti-aging beauty product If you’ve thought that the 46-year-old soccer player appears a bit more bronzed most likely due to cell Rejuvenating Priming Moisturizing Cream ($145). Its formula is gorgeous with a tint that creates the appearance of a sun-kissed glow within 5 seconds or less.

“My husband doesn’t wear makeup, he doesn’t even wear a tinted moisturizer, but he will wear [Cell Rejuvenating Priming Moisturizer in Golden] –just because it feels nice on the skin,” she shared. “It looks amazing. It doesn’t appear like it’s anything other than anything more than a moisturizer.”

This isn’t the only time that the mother of four has revealed her husband’s use of Victoria Beckham Beauty. In August of 2020 she claimed that the former professional soccer star has become “obsessed” with the products.

This is not a trend that’s new. David’s been a loyal partner to his wife for his skin for a long time and even before she launched her own line in the year the year 2019. “My approach to grooming was always to steal my wife’s products,” David confessed to Into The Gloss in 2018 and added that he knew she had “the best” formulas.

A shared bathroom cabinet isn’t the only thing that the pair share. They also seem to share their clothes, particularly when they’re traveling.

“David always dress well. He is always a good sport,” the fashion designer said to Vogue UK in September. “When we’re traveling in Europe He wears a well-constructed style, and I’d like to dress in those clothes too. It’s a suitcase that’s shared.”

Beckham enjoys her husband’s style so much that she even designed her Spring/Summer 2022 collection on his favorite style. “The big chambray shirts are very David with a loose fitting pants and gorgeous belt. You want to be that person,” she told the outlet.

Via US Magazine

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