David and Victoria Beckham Might Get Divorced

David and Victoria Beckham are without a doubt one of the celebrity couples who has managed to stay together despite numerous rumors revealing certain problems in their marriage. Throughout their long lasting marriage, a series of rumors have claimed that the two were close to a divorce. Well, the latest rumors also seem to indicate that the famous couple is separating. 

These latest news came from Star Magazine, which indicated that David was the one who decided to separate from Victoria. The rumor emerged after the famous former soccer star was spotted drinking alone in Miami. David and Victoria Beckham have been married for no less than 17 years and have 4 children together. 

The report did not provide too much information on exactly what is happening between Victoria and David. However, it seems that the claims are not true after all, as it has been revealed that David was actually accompanied by his wife during the time spent at this Miami hotel. Furthermore, Victoria Beckham surely managed to prove that she and David are still a couple. The famous singer shared a photo on her Instagram page accompanied by the popular star. 

Meanwhile, other reports have been indicating that Victoria and David are thinking about selling their Los Angeles home because they don’t have enough space. David and Victoria’s luxury home is said to be worth £24 million. The home is located between Beverly Hills and Bel Air, has nine bathrooms, great views and also a pool. 

Well, it has been claimed that not only that the couple is planning on selling the impressive property, but they have actually already placed it for sale. The home has been on the market for quite some time now. The Sun reported that David and Victor are willing to buy a more luxurious mansion and this is the reason why they are selling this one. Furthermore, the pair wants more garden space, so that Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz can play football. 

The source claimed both Victoria and David had some concerns over this house for quite some time.

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