“Dark Shadows” Trailer Debuts

Huffington Post reports that the much-awaited “Dark Shadows” trailer featuring Johnny Depp and Michelle Pfeiffer has finally made its debut on Thursday. The movie is due to be released on May 11 and, judging by the looks of the trailer, it is going to be a success.

Tim Burton, the producer of “Dark Shadows”, was severely criticized by film goers because he failed to provide a trailer even though his comedy is due to premiere within two months. All grievances were left aside as soon as critics got a glimpse of Burton’s upcoming movie. As a matter of fact, the images in the trailer reveal one of the best interpretations made by Johnny Depp in the past years.

The actor is playing Barnabas Collins, a vampire who is cursed by a jealous witch to haunt his old mansion for eternity. When he is eventually freed from his grave, Barnabas has difficulties adapting to the troublesome society of the 1970s. The fight between him and the witch continues; thus giving way to many comic moments between the two. 

Tim Burton’s movie seems to have been purposefully created for those film goers who have grown tired of seeing so many vampire-based romances in the past years. The dark lighting techniques used in the movie recall the film noir era, but they were carefully intertwined with elements of the modern cinema, such as, bloody red images and delightful soundtracks to trigger humorous reactions from viewers.

“Dark Shadows” has many chances of getting an Oscar nod next year if not for its neo noir visual elements, at least for its wonderful cast. Johnny Depp is probably one of the best antihero vampires we have seen so far, whereas Michelle Pffeifer and Eva Green seem to be very good at playing the good witch-bad witch roles.

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