Dara Torres Uses Ambien To Treat Insomnia Before Big Competitions

As the London Summer Olympics are getting closer, athletes have to work and rest as much as possible so they could be in a good shape when the moment comes. Olympic swimmer, Dara Torres admitted in a recent interview with Health magazine that she takes Ambien to treat insomnia before big competitions.

The night before a race is usually the most difficult for athletes as very few of them manage to sleep. According to Dara Torres, the 45-year-old Olympic swimmer who will represent the United States at the London Summer Games, athletes get overwhelmed with emotions and they have to resort to special medicines in order to get some rest. Torres has always used Ambien, a prescription drug that is well-known among sports players because it causes no other side-effects.

Speaking of her experience with the Olympics, Torres told reporters that she feel sick to her stomach before any competition. There is no trick that the swimmer uses in order to calm herself down; she only tries to enjoy the dive and use everything she has learnt during the trainings.

Dara Torres has been blessed with wonderful genes as the swimmer doesn’t follow a special diet to stay in shape. She has always eaten everything she wanted before races, but this year, Torres paid more attention to her regime because she wants to have a good performance at the London Summer Olympics. She is, in fact, the oldest female athlete to represent the country, but Dara is not afraid of racing against participants half her age. On the contrary, she feels honored to be among them and she is not bothered by all the talks that people make in relation to her age.

This year, the twelve-time Olympic medalist will do her best to win because she is a very competitive person. She confessed that she tends to be just as competitive outside the swimming pool, but she hopes she will be able to calm down once she hangs her suit this summer.

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