Danny DeVito Divorces Wife Rhea Pearlman; Buys Sports Car

One would think that getting separated from a partner of 30 years is devastating. Not according to Danny DeVito. The diminutive actor is celebrating his recent divorce from Rhea Pearlman by buying a sports car, the Inquisitr reports.

Danny DeVito was recently photographed as he was trying out the latest models of Porsches and Ferraris. Given that the 67-year-old actor filed for divorce two weeks ago, his sudden interest in convertible sports cars was labeled as “midlife crisis” by reporters at Radar Online.

Sources close to him have stated that the actor has never felt younger before. The comedian told them that he plans to emulate the famous Hollywood player, Jack Nicholson, now that he is free from his wife. Buying a fast and powerful car is one of the strategies he plans to use to show his dominance over other reputed Hollywood bachelors.

Insiders declared that Danny DeVito has quickly embraced a single lifestyle after the divorce papers were filed at the beginning of October. Clearly overlooking the 30 years that have gone by since he became a married man, DeVito is now reliving his youth, feeling like a young man, who is free to do whatever he pleases. Moreover, the 67-year-old comedian feels he is entitled to rejoice in life given that he has worked to raise three children and did a wonderful job as a parent. His children are all adults now, so Danny is looking to “cut loose,” the source added.

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s co-star in the movie “Twins” has always been passionate about sports cars. As a consequence, the first step towards his transformation will be to trade his old ride for a new Ferrari or Porsche. Or even for both of them as the actor hasn’t made up his mind, yet.

Danny DeVito’s strange behavior was allegedly related to Rhea Pearlman’s decision to get a divorce. Although the actor doesn’t quite fit the pattern of a womanizer, he cheated on Rhea with an extra from the movie Hoffa. Moreover, “The Lorax” star has always fueled rumors because he liked to take advantage of his position and give advice to young women planning to make it big in the movie industry.

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