Daniel Day-Lewis Donates Father’s Poems To Oxford

Actor Daniel Day-Lewis announced his intentions to donate his father’s works to the Oxford University. Cecil Day-Lewis was a poetry professor at Oxford and the actor thought the university should have some of his father’s papers, the Associated Press reports.

Daniel Day-Lewis has an extensive archive of his father’s best works, so the “Lincoln” star decided it would be best to donate them to the Oxford University. He chose this institution because his father, Cecil Day-Lewis was a professor at the reputed school.

The actor’s personal library encompasses 54 boxes of the poet’s work. Important documents, such as, early drafts of poems, letters from actor John Gielgud and famous literary figures such as W.H. Auden, Robert Graves and Philip Larkin have all been kept in the archive.

Daniel spoke with his sister, Tamasin, and decided the donation would be an honorable gesture in their father’s memory. The archive will be displayed at Oxford’s Bodleian Libraries and they will be, thus, accessible to all students and researchers, who want to get familiar with the author’s papers.

Cecil Day-Lewis studied classics and became a poetry professor at Oxford University soon after he completed his studies. In 1968 he was named the UK poet laureate due to his published papers. His work includes mystery novels, stories and poems that were often written under the name of Nicholas Blake. The author passed away in 1972 at 68 years old.

His son, Daniel Day-Lewis is a famous British actor and a winner of the 1990’s Academy Award for his role in the movie “My Left Foot”. He is now preparing to star in the much-anticipated “Lincoln”, a movie about the assassinated U.S. president. The motion picture directed by Steven Spielberg retells the story of the American President and his struggle to emancipate the slaves in the aftermath of the Civil War. The film will arrive on the big screen on November 16, 2012.

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