Daniel Craig Makes Surprise SNL Cameos: Fans Love His Sweet Friendship With Rami Malek

From villainous foes to hilarious partners! In Oscar award-winning Rami Malek’s first hosting role in the show Saturday Night Live, he engaged No Time to Die costar Daniel Craig to complete a two sketches for the late-night variety show which included one in which they both impersonate late icons Prince.

During the “Prince Auditions” sketch on the 16th of October on the 17th of October episode, the 40-year old Bohemian Rhapsody star and Kenan Thompson were two rival Prince impersonators, battling to play Prince’s famous “Purple Rain” crooner in the film adaption to his story.

“First of all, you guys are by far the top two choices to play Prince in my new biopic,” Chris Redd as Jordan Peele explained in the scene. Then Ego Nwodim added, “But, obviously we can only pick one.” The 36-year-old Missouri native also said that the only method to arrive at a conclusion was through an “Prince-off.”

“I’ll call out random scenes from the script and you two will give me your absolute best Prince performance at the same time,” Redd said in his introduction, before pointing out some instances, like “Prince doing a funky lick on the guitar,” “Prince getting pelted in the legs by a football” and “Prince stepping on a LEGO.”

Following the Mr. Robot actor claimed “this is bull” when the All That alum won the “part,” the Skyfall actor, 53 years old, appeared in to the stage in Shakespearean attire.

“Am I late?” Craig asked the SNL comedians prior to giving an extravagant bow to the delight of the audience. “Am I too late to audition for the part of the prince?”

After Nwodim was 33 and said he was to late for the audition, Redd clarified, “And the audition’s not for the prince, it’s for Prince, the singer,” before asking the Girl With the Dragon Tattoo actor if he had read his “script.”

“Yeah, yeah, it’s a horror movie about racism, right?” Craig laughed. “Well now at me. I’m here. I’m prepared. Can we? Could I, at the very least, have an attempt [and] test?”

When the England native tried a few of regulars’ concepts, Redd declared that it was “bad,” but offered him the role because the actor “was James Bond.”

Daniel Craig Makes Surprise 'SNL"Cameos' -- And People Can't Get Over His Sweet Relationship With Rami Malek
Daniel Craig and Cecily Strong during the “Angelo” sketch during ‘Saturday Night Live’ on October 16, 2021. NBC

It was reported that the Knives Out star also joined Malek in The “Angelo” sketch, where Craig and Cecily Strong portrayed two couples on a date. They also watched an improvised performance performed by California local and brand new actor Aristotle Athari.

While the audience praised the whole show on Facebook on the night of Saturday, Craig’s appearances were the most popular highlights.

“Seriously one of the most hilarious complete episodes of #SNL that I’ve [watched] tonight,” one Twitter user wrote. “Rami was hilarious [as if crying with laughter Emoji] Bowen Yang and Kenan were the main characters as well as Daniel Craig cameos were so amazing. Also, Aidy Bryant always cracks me up.”

However, the most talked-about scene was Malek’s exit at the conclusion of the show. After thanking special guests Young Thug, special guest Travis Barker, the SNL team, and Craig Malek, the two actors hugged in a hug.

“Rami jumping in Daniel’s arm was the perfect ending,” one fan wrote along with a video of Malek jumping into his co-star’s arms. One fan also noted, “Daniel in Rami’s arms and Rami in Daniel’s arms. I love it [emoji heart-eyes”Heart-eyes Emoji.”

The action actor previously host the late night variety program twice 8 years apart His last appearance in March 2020, which brought Rachel Dratch’s “Debbie Downer” to the NBC stage.

Saturday Night Live airs Saturdays on NBC at 11:30 p.m. ET.

To learn more, take a look at the video below!

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