Daniel Craig Gets Driver’s License In The US

New York Post reports that “James Bond” star, Daniel Craig requested private classes for a driver’s license in the United States. The Briton sailed through his road tests and is now capable of legally driving a car in the United States.

Whether it was for an upcoming role or for his own pleasure, Daniel Craig has decided to get the driver’s license for the United States. The British actor had to complete several driving classes with an American instructor, so he chose New York City knowing that if you can drive it there, you can pretty much drive it anywhere.

Professional Driving School of the Americas office manager Richard Fernandez told the press that Craig’s assistant contacted them to make reservations for a special class. The actor, whom Fernandez described as a very nice guy, wanted to complete the crash course on his own, so no other students were allowed to take part in the class. The instructor was very pleasantly impressed by his famous student who was very friendly throughout the course.

The interpreter of the famous 007 agent did not benefit of privileged status; quite the opposite, he received the same training as the rest of the students and was even instructed on the negative consequences of driving under the influence of alcohol. The theoretical classes provided Craig with vital information related to parallel parking and driving during extreme weather conditions.

At the end of the course, the actor was subject to a road test, which was better than Fernandez expected. Craig had no problems adapting to the right-hand traffic, even though he is accustomed to keep his car on the left side of the road when he is in England. The instructor was very pleased with his performance, so 007 is now street legal in the U.S.

The latest James Bond flick “Skyfall” continues to draw large numbers of viewers in theaters across the world. The film earned $170 million from domestic theaters, which is a pretty good sum, especially when added to the $678 million cashed in from foreign box offices.

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