Dancing with the Stars makes Rob Kardashian lose weight

Rob Kardashian’s performance on Dancing with the Stars makes him lose weight. And his new toned body showed a several dancing qualities of the Kardashian junior. His new found confidence earned him good reviews from the judges, Carrie Ann considering him better than his sister.

Even though somewhat insecure in his abilities to dance to the standards required by the TV show, Kardashian improves constantly from week to week and the newly received positive comments do nothing but add to it.

Once he become more comfortable with his dancing, the competitive side of his personality started to show as well. Currently his goals include getting better with each performance and making sure he doesn’t receive bad scores on Mondays. Therefore he takes every step of the process very seriously.

Kardashian lost a lot of weight since the show began. His appearance, as well as his attitude towards his body image has changed. The constant physical exercise as well as working each muscle group, since every dancing style requires the use of yet another one, makes him feel sore all the time. Yet, his wardrobe choices have changed. Rob started wearing tank tops and arm revealing outfits.  One of the most demanding dance styles Kardashian had to rehears for, since present, is of course the jive.
Next week’s Dancing with the Stars features yet another demanding style, the foxtrot. The couples will have to develop their dances around the most memorable year of their lives theme. For Rob it’s a sensitive approach dance that will reflect his family oriented side.

Cheryl Bruke, Kardashian’s partner, thinks: “He’s a quick learner. He picked up the foxtrot in one day. Now it’s a matter of making the quality of the dance good”.

The coupled will be performing on ABC, in the Monday Dancing with the Stars, starting with 8 p.m.

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