Dancing With The Stars Katherine Jenkins Makes It Into The Semifinals

It’s been quite a consuming competition. This edition of “Dancing With The Stars” has been quite spectacular, with contestants determined to win no matter the sprained ankles, exhaustion or the challenging dancing styles. Katherine Jenkins is among the few that made it into the semifinals of “Dancing With The Stars”, surviving the wear and even the challenging salsa.

Although “Dancing With The Stars” is a gig that many celebrities today would love to score, not many can withstand the wear, the strenuous schedule and physic activity. It goes without saying that celebrities on the show need to be fit both physically and mentally.

Even though when watching the judges evaluate the performances it doesn’t look like much, the truth is that “Dancing With The Stars” is a show that truly requires committed people. Katherine Jenkins kept it together and managed to make it into the semifinals. Judges had almost only compliments for Katherine Jenkins and her partner, Mark Ballas.

Carrie Ann Inaba said of Katherine Jenkins that “she’s the most technically advanced dancer we’ve ever seen. She has beautiful lines. Her frame is gorgeous. She knows exactly the perfect angles that work on her body”.

Judge Len Goodman was also impressed with her, saying she is “bloody brilliant”. Len said: “She has such an elegance about her. There’s a sophistication. She dances like she sings, which is pure”.

However, the judges did point out a small flaw. Carrie Ann Inaba argued that Katherine Jenkins looks a bit too “delicate when she dances”. She added she wants to see more passion and intensity from her. Len Goodman had a similar take on Katherine Jenkins’ salsa dance: “As good as she looks, sometimes in the Latin dances, she’s not hot. She doesn’t come out and attack the Latin dances…I’d like to see her just come out and sizzle”.

For Katherine Jenkins the key to success is improving on Latin dances. The judges truly think she and her partner stand a chance winning this edition of “Dancing With The Stars” if they get better with Latin dances. Jenkins should definitely take notice of the judges’ advices if she really wants to win the competition.

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