“Dallas” Actors Patrick Duffy, Larry Hagman And Linda Gray Return To The Ranch

Since many soap operas and television series get revamped in the 21st Century, producers have decided to create a new version of the primetime film, “Dallas”. According to TMZ, Patrick Duffy, Larry Hagman and Linda Gray will return to the ranch to ensure the success of the new production.

Some viewers argue that it is best to leave old series in the past instead of adapting them to the modern times. Nevertheless, if it weren’t for these renewed versions of soap operas, people would only watch boring and insipid vampire diaries, so it’s probably a good idea that TNT will launch a new version of “Dallas” on June 13. The success of the new season is partially granted by the presence of some of the most loved actors of the 80s, that is, Patrick Duffy, Larry Hagman and Linda Gray.

Many young actors have been included in the new series of “Dallas”. Jesse Metcalf from “Desperate Housewives” has also agreed to be on the show, a move which will most likely contribute to her popularity in Hollywood. Their presence will be counterbalanced by the veterans of the old serial. Thus, Patrick Duffy and Larry Hagman will play the part of the Texas oil heirs, Bobby and J.R. Ewing. J.R.’s wife, Sue Ellen, will be interpreted by Linda Gray who looks just as amazing nowadays as she used to in the 80s. Their rival in the film, Cliff Barnes, is played by the 76-year-old Ken Kercheval.

“Dallas” was one of the most popular serial of the 1980s due to its talented actors and its intricate plot. Viewers never missed one episode of the 14 seasons and even identified themselves with some characters of the famous family. Although he was despised by most fans, J.R. became the most representative character on the TV series.

It wasn’t just the viewers who were conquered by the storyline of the film, but also the actors. They remained close friends throughout the years, even though the last season ended in 1991. Duffy stood by Hagman’s side when the actor underwent cancer treatment. The interpreter of J.R. says he has overcome all his health problems and his motto “Don’t worry, be happy” has helped him a lot.


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  1. The new series so far has exceeded even my high expectatons. It is great and J.R. is still the greatest villian ever on television. I really like the new characters as well.

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