Dale Earnhardt Jr. Wins His First Sprint Cup In Four Years

Dale Earnhardt Jr. had given up all hopes about winning a race when he showed up at the Michigan International Speedway on Sunday. Despite this, the NASCAR driver won his first Sprint Cup in four years, according to ESPN.

Four years have gone by since Dale Earnhardt Jr. scored his last Sprint Cup victory. Since then, the professional driver has taken part in 143 races without scoring a victory. This Sunday, however, luck was on his side as Earnhardt Jr. outran Tony Stewart by 5.393 seconds and came out a winner. Surprisingly, his last victory was also registered during Father’s Day.

Earnhardt Jr. told reporters that he never expected to win the Sunday competition. As a matter of fact, he was trying to anticipate the mishap that would have determined him to lose the race while he was driving through the 15 laps. Since he was concentrating on his pessimistic thoughts, the driver didn’t realize that he was actually getting closer to the finish line. He managed to leave Tony Stewart behind and he was the first to finish the race.

Dale was very excited to be able to reward his fans for the support they have shown to him during these four years. They continued to stay loyal to him even though his last victory was in 2008. The American driver pictured his supporters cheering in their living rooms or running out in the courtyard as soon as he got out of the car. He was very pleased to see that he didn’t let his fans down one more time.

Tony Stewart, however, was not as happy as his opponent. He even told reporters that Dale is receiving too much attention for his victory. In his opinion, Earnhardt Jr. was the first to finish the Sprint Cup race because he had the fastest car, not because he was the best. “It’s not a national holiday,” he concluded. Stewart and his team are curious to see Dale’s future evolution.


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