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Dakota Fanning ad, banned in Great Britain

British critics have been shocked by the daring Marc Jacobs fragrance ad of actress Dakota Fanning and have banned the ad in Great Britain, The Guardian reports. The scandal began in June, when the ad first started to circulate and the reasons for the ban are multiple.
Sweet Dakota fanning looks at us from under her blonde locks, while dressed in a pale pink organza dress. She holds an oversized bottle of the Marc Jacob fragrance with her left hand, while holding it in place between her legs. The fragrance in cause is “Oh, Lola!”
The U.K.’s self-regulatory Advertising Standards Authority believes that the ad is “irresponsible” and “likely to cause serious offense”. And there are several reasons why they have come to that conclusion. First of all, Dakota Fanning is still a minor (being only 17 years old), placed in a “sexually provocative” ad. Second of all, the way she is dressed and the way she poses in the photo makes her look even younger, which takes us to the delicate subject about the sexualization of the children. On top of that, the fact that the perfume’s name is provocative by itself doesn’t help the case.

As a conclusion, the ASA states that “because of that, along with her appearance, we considered the ad could be seen to sexualize a child” and therefore, the ad will no longer circulate on British lands.

The original idea of the ad came to creator Marc Jacobs as he wanted to illustrate something “innocent and sweet”, and the American young actress seemed perfect for the campaign. When Dakota was asked to be a part of the project, back in June, she was “humbled” by the invitation.

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