D’Angelo returns with a new album

It was a regular autumn day in 2001 when, all of a sudden, humanity was seized by calamity. The world grew darker, sadder and ugliness lay upon Earth. It was the day when D’Angelo decided to withdraw from the entertainment industry leaving thousands of women fantasize about his sculptured abs. Alas, the ordeal is finally coming to an end as Entertainment Weekly announced that D’Angelo returns with a new album.

Back in 2000, D’Angelo released his “Voodoo” album that proved to stand the test of time. He managed to combine different styles into a unique blend encompassing Hendrixian guitar heroics and mid-period Prince psychedelia. Moreover, D’Angelo was one of the first rappers to create a surreal hybrid that is now specific for most R&B singers.

D’Angelo is now performing on various stages in Europe. Based on the information provided on his iCal, the singer will soon perform in a trio of live shows in Europe. Mark Ronson and other people whom he has collaborated with have confirmed that a new album is on its way.

The interpreter has already provided a sample of his latest single “Black Hole Sun” which is now available on various online video channels. The single is a cover after Soundgarden’s hit which proves that D’Angelo still knows how to make good music and to turn classic tunes into modern hits.

No further information has been provided in relation to the new album. All we know is that it will be entitled “James River”. The date of release is unknown for the moment, but it will definitely be somewhere in 2012, that’s for sure.

Some analysts have suggested that the album may contain various covers after classic hits. This supposition hasn’t been confirmed by the singer, but even so, fans would be delighted to hear D’Angelo spice up some of the old rock songs.

January looks like a busy month for the singer because he will have concerts in various countries across Europe from January 26 to January 31. If you want to watch D’Angelo perform on stage, you can purchase tickets at one of the concerts that he will hold in Paris, Amsterdam, Sweden and Denmark.

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